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  • Regain entry into your Peugeot when keys are locked inside
  • Replacement Peugeot keys – Emergency roadside service for lost, stolen or broken key replacement
  • Peugeot Key Programming
  • Convenient mobile service for spare Peugeot keys

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Finding yourself without your Peugeot keys, whether lost, damaged, or stolen, can disrupt your day significantly. Peugeot, a brand known for its blend of French elegance and innovative technology, equips its cars and vans with complex key systems. These systems, while enhancing vehicle security, also complicate the key replacement process, necessitating expertise beyond what a standard locksmith can provide.

Peugeot owners require a locksmith service that not only understands the general needs of vehicle key replacement but also possesses in-depth knowledge of Peugeot’s specific security features. From the compact 208 to the robust Boxer van, Peugeot’s range of vehicles and their associated key technologies demand precise handling and specialised programming for successful key replacement.

Lockcity specialises in Peugeot key replacement services in Bristol, offering Peugeot car and van owners a reliable solution to their key-related issues. With the latest technology and an expert understanding of Peugeot’s security systems at our disposal, we’re committed to providing swift, secure, and efficient service, Monday to Friday, 8am to 5:30pm.

Key Types We Can Help With

  • Peugeot remote keys
  • Fobs
  • Transponder keys
  • Keys cut to code
  • Proximity keys (keyless entry)
  • Laser keys

Services Tailored for Peugeot Owners

Why Choose Lock City for Your Peugeot Key Replacement?

Lockcity recognises the unique aspects of Peugeot vehicles and the particular challenges their key systems present. Our team is not just skilled in general locksmith services but is specifically trained to handle the nuances of Peugeot’s sophisticated key technologies. Whether you need assistance with a family car like the 308 or a commercial vehicle like the Partner van, Lock City has the expertise and equipment to meet your needs efficiently.

Opting for Lock City means you’re selecting a service that values:

  • Speedy Resolution of Peugeot Key Issues: We’re prepared to quickly tackle your Peugeot key problems, minimising disruption to your day.
  • Transparent, Straightforward Pricing: Lock City believes in honest communication, providing you with a clear cost estimate from the outset.
  • Dedicated, Personalized Service: As a Bristol-based service, Lock City offers the personal attention and care your Peugeot deserves, without the impersonal experience of larger chains.

Expert Care for Your Peugeot

Your Peugeot is a symbol of sophistication and reliability, and it demands locksmith services that reflect these qualities. Lock City is dedicated to providing specialised Peugeot key replacement services that ensure you can continue to enjoy the performance and security of your vehicle. We aim for a hassle-free, effective resolution to your key problems, allowing you to get back to your life with confidence. Reach out to Lock City today to explore how we can assist with your Peugeot car and van key needs with our expert care and efficiency.

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The Peugeot Key Services We Offer

Peugeot Vehicle Entry?

If you have locked your keys inside your Peugeot, please call us and ask for an emergency service. We use non destructive means to gain access to your vehicle.

Lost Your Peugeot Keys?

If you have lost all the keys for your Peugeot, don’t panic. At Lock City, we can supply and programme new keys at the roadside for most and years of Peugeot models. We can come out to you at the roadside, so no need for towing, or lengthy delays at the dealer.

Key Programming for your Peugeot

Using the very latest in key coding technology, we can programme keys from our mobile workshop.

Need Spare Peugeot Keys?

Just need a spare key for your Peugeot? We can come out to you at home or your workplace for a fast and convenient service.

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