Terms and Conditions

This page will provide details of Lock City’s terms and conditions of sale:

6 Month Guarantee

If you experience problems with your key during the 6 months guarantee (from date of invoice), no refund can be given, instead our policy is to return to you, to run diagnostics on the key and to replace if a fault is identified.  Please note that all modern keys are very fragile and any evidence of the key being misused may be a reason to refuse warranty.  Please note that in the first instance you will need to try a replacement battery, as consumables are not included in the warranty.  If we return to you, and a new battery is all that is needed to fix the problem, we will charge for the visit (depending on location, but a minimum of £75 plus VAT).  If you are satisfied that the battery is fine and has been inserted in the right way, please contact us and we will be happy to arrange a time to visit, during our working hours, and subject to our availability.

Please note the fine details of our guarantee:-

  • Our products are guaranteed for 6 months for parts and labour, with the exception of:- Consumables (e.g. batteries) | Key programming where the customer has supplied the key | Loss of product | Loss of programming resulting in customer changing the battery incorrectly | Accidental damage by the customer (i.e. the product being dropped, misused or water damaged, damage resulting from too many keys being held on the bunch) | Wear and tear | Snapped keys from mis-use (e.g. opening tins with the blade).
  • Replacements on special order items, (where a product has been personalised for your vehicle) will be at the discretion of the manufacturer, and their analysis will act as a final decision.
  • Recall work only valid within a 5 mile radius from the original address where work was carried out, during normal working hours and subject to availability
  • We only guarantee products we supply, e.g we do not guarantee a vehicle key that has been programmed by us, but purchased elsewhere.
  • Faulty products maybe sent for analysis before a replacement is issued.  The results from our supplier will act as the final decision.
  • Guarantee is only valid to the original Purchaser.
  • No guarantee offered on repair work.
  • No guarantee offered on work that was carried out free of charge.
  • There may be a charge if we are called to the same fault more than once.
  • Please keep your invoice as proof of purchase.
  • We are not responsible for any underlying issues for the vehicle that require the attention of an Auto Electrician or Main Dealer.
  • Any old keys not present at the time of programming will not work after programming, we may charge for reprogramming if old keys are found
  • For work carried out on vehicles purchased at auction, any services will still be chargeable if the vehicle fails to start due to an underlying issue with the vehicle.  The risk is completely with the customer.
  • We will strictly not cover any type of indirect or consequential expenses resulting from (1) product failure or (2) unforeseen time delays in completing the work.  These include:
    • Vehicle breakdown/recovery charges
    • Travel expenses & hotel costs,
    • Missed appointments
    • 3rd party expenses
    • Inconvenience from delay
    • Loss of earnings, income, revenues loss, time, profits

Key Problems After 6 Months

Although after 6 months our guarantee will have expired, we understand that this can be a frustrating situation for you – please contact us and we will be happy to offer you a discount (where possible) on a new key. Special order items and codes, unfortunately cannot be discounted.

Lost Key Situations

When supplying a key in a lost key situation, please note that we may delete any old (lost or stolen) keys from the vehicle’s memory, meaning that they may not work if found again.  We may be able to programme these back in, but this extra visit is chargeable, please ask for a quotation.  No refunds can be given for when keys have been found.

If claiming the money back via your insurance company, we can supply an invoice, however, we do not get involved with the terms and conditions of your policy.  Policy criteria would be between the customer and the insurer only.  Please check the terms of your insurance company before instructing work from us.


  • We offer a 1 hour response where possible and subject to availability, however no discounts apply if the Locksmith arrives after the hour.  We will always endeavour to give honest and realistic arrival times.

No Call Out Fee

  • We do not charge a call out fee for just arriving at your vehicle, however any work you instruct us to carryout is chargeable on arrival.  All prices will be discussed with the customer before commencing any work.
  • A diagnostic charge will be applied in situations where we have been booked in to identify key faults, even when it is identified that the key is not faulty.

Quotations & Estimates

  • Both verbal and written quotations / estimates are valid for 30 days, but can be withdrawn at anytime.
  • All prices quoted are subject to VAT at 20%

Payment Terms

  • Full payment is due on completion of the work, unless an invoice has been previously agreed with Lock City Ltd
  • Pre-agreed invoices are on a 30 day payment term, unless specified differently on your invoice
  • We take all major credit and debit cards.
  • We do not accept cheques or BACS payments

Deposits/Payment on Order

  • Deposits for special order items (where we order for a specific vehicle) whether in part or in full, are non-refundable e.g. pre-coded vehicle keys and vehicle security codes.  For instance if you pay in full for a lost car key, and find your old key whilst the order is in progress, we are unable to refund the amount you have paid – instead the new key can be used as a spare.

Data Policy

Lock City are dedicated to keeping your personal data safe, please see our data privacy policy

Variations to This Policy

We may change these terms and conditions at any time, by altering this page.