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Frequently Asked Questions

I have lost my only car key, can you help?

We are specialists for lost car and van keys and can help with most makes and models. We recommend you call us, so that we can check your registration number and quote you for our mobile workshop to visit you at the location of the vehicle (within our coverage area).

We always give priority if you are stranded by the roadside – using our mobile workshop saves you having the vehicle towed to a garage or the dealer, who will possibly have long wait times for ordering keys.

Please see our dedicated page about lost car keys / stolen car keys to gain more information about key deactivation versus full lockset change.

My keys have been stolen, what do I do?

If you have had one or all of your keys stolen, you will be naturally concerned about the security of your vehicle. On some vehicles, we can deactivate the missing key and replace with a new one. Please read more information about this on our dedicated page to understand how this works.

I just need a spare key, can you help?

Yes, we can! Our customers love the convenience of having a spare made at home or work, without the hassle of going to the dealer. A large percentage of our work is when customers would like a spare to avoid future emergencies.

Having a spare key is vital for your motoring peace of mind! It’s not just the worry about losing keys, sometimes customers experience their only key breaking, snapping or failing, which leaves them stranded.

We can come out to you at home or work … or onsite for busy tradespeople. Just complete our form, letting us know the postcode area you would like us to quote to come out to, and we will send you an email quote!

My key is stuck in my lock / ignition, can you help!

We can certainly help with key extractions. Just give us a call and let us know your vehicle make, model, year and the vehicle location. It’s also helpful to know how much of the key is in the lock or ignition (e.g. 50%). We can assist with the extraction and a new key if needed (subject to vehicle details and key availability).

Common Fault Fact!  We assist with many Ford Transits where the key won’t turn in the ignition. This can happen suddenly or start to get sticky over a longer period.  If you have a key that is stuck in the lock or the ignition, or you think it is starting to cause problems, we can help with a new key or new ignition, depending on the diagnosis.

Common Fault Fact! Also, Nissan have a common problem of the key becoming difficult to remove from the ignition. We see this a lot on the Qashqai, Note and Micra. We can fix this common issue by replacing a part to get you on the road again! We always keep these in stock and can provide a same day service subject to Locksmith availability.

My vehicle won’t start, and I think it’s the key, can you help?

If you suspect the vehicle is not starting due to a key problem, please call us to talk it through. If you have 2 keys, did they both stop working at the same time? If so, this may indicate an electrical issue with the vehicle instead, which requires an Auto Electrician. Is the immobiliser flight flashing or solid? A flashing light normally indicates a key related issue (depending on the make and model) and normally a solid immobiliser light can indicate that the key is still programmed to the vehicle and can indicate that it’s another non key related issue with the vehicle.

Where possible, a short Whatsapp video to the Locksmith will help us (07967 097899) showing clearly what is happening on the dash when you try and start the vehicle.

My key starts the vehicle, but the remote fob is not working, can you help?

This is common problem for Motorists. Firstly, we recommend you change the battery and if this still fails, please give us a call, or you can complete our web form.

Some remote keys have a sealed unit, which means that they are not designed to come apart and we recommend you do not try. A new key will be needed. This can be typical for Mk 7 and Mk8 Transits and some Landrover Freelanders.

Common Fault Fact! We see many worn remote fob buttons, please ask us for a quote for a new one!

My key opens on the fob, but doesn’t start the vehicle

Again, this is a common problem.  The chip may fail in the key, or may have dropped out following a key battery change, or if the key has been dropped and has fallen apart. In this instance, the remote will still work, but may not start the vehicle. Depending on what we find, we maybe able to just replace the chip, this service is called “chip and programme”. However, sometimes, the chip is integrated into the circuit board, so a new key will be needed.

My key has lost its programming and does not start the car, can you reprogramme my key?

Depending on the make, model and year of your vehicle, we can reprogramme at the roadside using our specialist programming equipment. A common fault is when a key loses its programming, which can happen after the battery on the car has gone flat. We can come out to you at the location of your vehicle to get you on the road again.

Common Fault Fact! Vauxhall models, including the Corsa, Corsa D, Honda Civic, have a known issue with loosing key programming after a flat battery on the vehicle. We can resync the modules for you with our diagnostic equipment.

My key starts the vehicle, but the blade is worn, can you cut a new one?

We see a lot of worn keys which is a natural process over time. Please let us know your vehicle details and we can check to see if we can help with your vehicle model!

I am locked out of my vehicle, what do I do?

Give us a call and we can quote you to gain access using our non-destructive techniques. We work around Bristol and Bath to assist motorists and can get you back on the road again quickly!

Do I need any codes for my vehicle?

For some, but not all vehicles, we may need the key number and / or the immobiliser code (called a carpass when Vauxhall) to be able to make your new key. If this is the case, we will advise this at the time of quoting. If you do not have these codes, we can obtain them on your behalf from our suppliers. Please note that these are ordered to the original vehicle lockset numbers and will not work if the vehicle has ever had a lock change.

I would like to book you, but I am a tradesperson and never know where I am going to be, can you still help me?

We work with a lot of tradespeople and understand, like us, that you need to travel between multiple locations in your working day. We can work with you by keeping in touch with you throughout the day and seeing where you will be when the Locksmith is ready to attend.

Is your work guaranteed?

Absolutely! As a small family business, customer service is our main priority. In the unusual event of a key failing, we offer a 6 month guarantee on our keys, subject to our terms and conditions at

Do you take debit / credit cards?

Yes! On completion of the work, we take payment on credit or debit card – we also take Apple Pay!

Can I get a receipt of my payment?

Yes! Just give your email address to the Locksmith when he attends your vehicle, and the office will send you a VAT invoice by email within a few days.

Any questions you want to ask?

This is rarely a car locksmith question we haven’t been asked. Please feel free to stretch our grey matter.

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