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We are Car Locksmith Specialists, based in Bristol and Bath – we established in 2005 as domestic locksmiths and then moved in Auto Locksmithing in 2007, which we now solely concentrated on from around 2009.  We offer car key solutions to our customers throughout our coverage area in Bristol and Bath (and surroundings).

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Why Us for Auto Locksmith Services in Bristol?

Reliable Vehicle Security Solutions

Our Bristol-based team specialises in advanced auto locksmith services, ensuring swift, professional resolutions to all your car lock and key issues. We prioritise effective problem-solving and building trust with each service call.
Expert Knowledge

Skilled Bristol pros for top auto lock solutions.

Prioritising Your Needs

Tailored, satisfying auto locksmith service.

Impeccable Service

Detailed, high-quality auto lock repairs.

Guaranteed Parts

Only top-quality, guaranteed parts for all services.

Key problems need no translation—our team of expert auto locksmiths provides care that’s tailored to you.

Professional locksmith concentrating on duplicating a key with a key-cutting machine inside his mobile van, equipped for on-site vehicle locksmith services.

Efficiently and Discreetly Resolving Your Auto Lock Issues

Navigate your vehicle lock troubles with our easy three-step process, designed for clarity and hassle-free resolution.

Lock City Born

Lock City began its journey in 2005 as a family-owned business, serving the locksmith needs of local businesses and homeowners.

Our services included emergency lock changes, repairs and upgrades.


Lock City

In 2007, we added Auto Locksmithing to our services, running both services in tandem until 2009, when we decided to focus solely on auto locksmithing for the Bristol and Bath areas.

Since then, we've expanded our customer base to include everyone from individual motorists to garages, insurance firms, and large fleet companies.


Training Avon Fire

In 2016, Lock City experienced a highlight when we were invited by Avon Fire to conduct a training session for their firefighters on gaining access to vehicles during emergencies.

This memorable opportunity highlighted our expertise and commitment to serving the community.


Onwards and Upwards

Over the past few years, our focus has been on expanding our software portfolio to enhance our ability to assist with a wider range of vehicles.

In addition to assisting individual motorists and local businesses, we have expanded our reach by securing contracts with large fleet companies, ensuring their fleets stay operational and on the move.

At Lock City, we pride ourselves on providing excellent telephone support, ensuring that every interaction comes with the personal touch. Our mission remains simple: provide excellent customer service at competitive rates, ensuring every customer is happy with the service they received.


Efficiently and Discreetly Resolving Your Vehicle Lock Issues

Navigate your vehicle lock troubles with our easy three-step process, designed for clarity and hassle-free resolution.

Make Appointment

Simply let us know what's up; we're here to listen and help.

Discuss & Estimate

Share your concern, and we'll offer a clear solution and fair pricing.

Smooth Resolution

Our skilled locksmith swiftly tackles and resolves your vehicle lock troubles.

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Trust Your Van Locksmith To Get It Right, And On Time

When it comes to van security, we prioritise precision and punctuality. Our locksmiths deliver expert, timely solutions for every situation. With us, your van’s safety is assured and always on schedule.

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