Lost Car Keys No Spare? What To Do Now!

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Lost Car Keys No Spare? What To Do Now!

Loosing your car keys can be very stressful, especially today, as modern keys are designed in such a way that it’s not easy to make a copy – it’s no longer as easy as going to your local key cutter to get a replacement.

This high level security is normally good news for motorists, until they find themselves in a lost key situation – and don’t have a spare!

What Can I Do?

If you find yourself in this situation you have a few options.  The most obvious is to call your main dealer for a quote to replace them.  You may be surprised at the cost and the waiting times.  In most cases, if you were to order from the main dealer you would need to take your V5 log book and 2 forms of ID to them just to order the key – once the key arrives, (sometimes this can take up to 2 weeks) you will need to leave the car there for the day while they carry out the work.  Of course you would also have to pay for towing the car to the dealer as well.

Is There a Faster Alternative?

Alternatively, you can choose the services of an Auto Locksmith Specialist who can assist you at the roadside.  What are the benefits for you?

  • Keys replaced at the roadside – avoids the need for towing the vehicle to the main dealer
  • The work is carried out from the van and most jobs are completed within 1 hour!
  • They can source security codes for you if you don’t have them (see below)

I think you will agree that this is a more time saving and hassle free solution!

Lock City specialises in lost car or van key situations.  We can cut and programme replacement keys at the roadside for most makes and models (please call us to find out if we can help with your make and model).

We Can Deactivate Stolen Keys!

For your peace of mind, we can de-activate all previous keys & remotes from the vehicle’s memory using our on-board diagnostic equipment. This means that any keys not present at the time of programming, will not start the vehicle – therefore, your old keys will not be able to start the vehicle!

What We May Need To Proceed (Some Vehicles Only)

In order for us to programme the key, will need the vehicle’s ‘key number’ and ‘ immobiliser code’. This normally comes with the car on a credit card sized document, however if you do not have this, we can purchase these for you!

Why Choose Lock City Auto Locksmiths?

  • We specialise in replacing lost car or van keys at the roadside – no need for the austin towing company
  • We have many satisfied customers – read testimonials here
  • Fixed prices, no surprises
  • Expert, friendly advice direct from your local Auto Locksmith

About Us

Locksmith coverage area in Bristol and surrounding areasWe are Auto Locksmith Specialists offering a fast roadside solution to lost, stolen or broken vehicle keys! Using the very latest in key coding technology, we are able to cut & programme keys/remotes for most makes of cars and vans. We can come out to you at home or work within our coverage area (map shown below).

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Which Vehicles Can You Help With?

We are able to help with most makes and models – we recommend that you call us to check your vehicle model from the manufacturers below. Some vehicles require a main dealer key (no after market keys can be used on these types of vehicles). In some cases, we can get these for you.

Alfa Romeo | Audi | Chrysler | Citroen | Daewoo/Chevolet | Fiat | Ford | Honda | Hyundai | Jaguar | Kia | Land Rover/Range Rover | Lexus | Mazda | Nissan | Peugeot | Renault | Rover/MG | Saab | SEAT | Skoda | Toyota | Vauxhall | Volkswagen

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