Diary of A Bristol Auto Locksmith

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Diary of A Bristol Auto Locksmith

What does an Auto Locksmith actually do? This week I thought it would be interesting to publish my week to see the variety of jobs I carry out (and in the interests of social media).  I often get asked which of my services is the most common, lets find out!  Here is a summary of what I got up to this week!

Monday 10th February 2014

  1. To kick start this cold Monday morning, I went to help a motorist in Bristol (BS5) who had locked the keys in his car with the engine running on a Renault Clio – such an easy thing to do on these cold winter mornings whilst defrosting the car!  Access was gained quickly and the motorist was able to get back on the road again!
  2. From BS5 I went to help a man in BS7 who needed a spare key for his Skoda Fabia – a new key was supplied and programmed.  It was nice to hear that he was happy with our no hassle mobile service, as a few years ago, he went through Skoda to order a new key and was not happy with the long winded process!
  3. Next, I went to a car auction house in Bristol and gained access to a Ford Focus and an Audi A6.  I also cut and programmed a key for a Ford Fusion and a VW Touran – leaving the vehicles ready to go to auction!
  4. From there I went to a company in Bristol BS2, where I cut and programmed a new key for a Toyota van.
  5. Onto Bristol BS4 next, where I programmed a spare remote for a Vauxhall Combo van.  Customer had a working key, just needed a spare!  Customer commented on us being cheaper than the main dealer!
  6. Stockwood next – I received a call to say the key card was faulty on a Renault Clio 3, and wouldn’t open the car.  On arrival the customer didn’t realise the key blade was inside the card, so we tried to gain access with the manual key – although this was the right key, the mechanism wouldn’t work.  I noticed the immobiliser light wasn’t flashing, indicating that the battery maybe flat on the car.  We pulled the bonnet release so that we could put power to the battery.  This then allowed the remote to operate and open the car! Customer was happy as they did not need to spend money on a new key card – just our standard call out rate!
  7. Headed back towards Barrs Court (Longwell Green BS30) and made a spare key for a Vauxhall Vectra on a 54 plate.  Customer had the security details which allowed us to programme the new key in!
  8. Last job of the day – headed to Kingswood (BS15) with a suspected key problem – turned out to be just a flat battery, so jumped started the car – customer happy! What a busy Monday!

[hr]Tuesday 11th February 2014

  1. Tuesday morning and off first thing to Midsomer Norton (BA3) – I made a new key blade for a Vauxhall Corsa using the existing chip and remote.  The end of the key had snapped off, so a replacement was needed – this was the customer’s only key, so we were able to help at the roadside – without the need to tow to the main dealer!
  2. Off to the Auction House again this morning where I cut and programmed a key for a Fiat Punto.  The customer had bought the car at auction without keys, so I cut and programmed a key to the lock set.  Punto’s require pre-coding, so specialist equipment is needed to extract the information to allow a transponder to be made.  Also made a key for a Ford Fusion.
  3. Went to a trade customer next, a car sales garage in Congesbury where I made a spare key for a Vauxhall Zafia.  The vehicle had just been sold and the customer wanted a spare!
  4. Next headed to BS6 where I supplied and programmed a new remote key for a Renault Clio.  This was a lost car key situation.

[hr]Wednesday 12th February – Otherwise Known As Wild Wednesday!

  1. Started my Wednesday by gaining access to a Toyota Yaris in Bristol (BS6) for a company who hire out their vehicles.  The battery had gone flat and the key would not operate the locks, access gained to the vehicle and the customer was able to change the battery.
  2. Next, I went to help another Locksmith out – sorting out a heavy communal door (we are all like that in the Locksmith community!)
  3. Portishead next (in the pouring rain), where a customer was stuck at a trade shop, having snapped his key in the ignition.  I extracted the broken piece and a new blade was cut and programmed – not a nice day to be out today, the winds are very strong here in Portishead!
  4. Back to the Auction House and cut and programmed a key for a Vauxhall Astra, which is now ready for the auction!
  5. Now to Brislington (after stopping for a bacon sarnie!) for a trader, a car sales business, where I cut and programmed a key for a VW Golf.
  6. Over to Bath next to look at a Toyota MR2 – the battery was flat, so the fob wouldn’t work.  Gained access so that we could pop the bonnet and then customer was able to change the battery.
  7. Last job of the night, I cut a key for a garage in Longwell Green for a Ford Transit.

[hr]Thursday 13th February

  1. Thursday morning already – Cut a key for a Land Rover Discovery for a gentleman in Fishponds. There were two different keys for the door lock and the ignition.  He had a problems with the remote and was therefore unable to access the vehicle.  The new key will allow him to access the vehicle, should the remote play up again in the future.
  2. Remaining in Fishponds, and onto an existing customer, a Body Repair Shop, where I supplied a case only for a Peugeot 207 (as the old case was worn).  I cut a blade and exchanged the circuit board over.
  3. Severn Beach next, Nissan Primistar where the remotes were not working, circuit tested and the remotes were giving a signal out but the vehicle was not receiving – all fuses OK, another issue is suspected with the vehicle.
  4. Over to Laurence Hill for a Vauxhall Zafira – the key was not starting the vehicle.  The transponder chip was faulty, so a new chip was supplied and programmed by extracting the pin code from the vehicle.
  5. In the afternoon, I went to a job in St George, lost keys on an Audi A4 (R reg).  Lock picked and decoded and a new key made.  Security pin extracted from the vehicle and key programmed to allow the car to start.
  6. Whitchurch next, where I programmed a key the customer had supplied from a Ford Focus (7).

[hr] Friday 14th February

  1. Received a call first thing from a motorist in Clifton village, who had locked his keys inside his Fiat Punto, access gained and keys retrieved.
  2. Covering a domestic Locksmith job in Downend now (Paul normally carries out this work, but is on a training course today)
  3. Kingswood next, and replaced a transponder key for a Renault Scenic, due to lost keys … sneaking off for an hour now as my daughter has won an award at school and I am going to see her presentation (the best bit about being your own boss 🙂
  4. Now to Hinton Charter House and a garge, where I replaced lost keys on a Ford Mondeo
  5. Onto Bath now to see a lady that filled out our online quote request form for a spare car key and wanted to go ahead.  A new key was cut and programmed for her Citreon

The Results Over The Last 5 Days:

30 Customer’s

Car Lock Outs = 7
Spare Car Keys – 10
Lost Car Keys = 9
Other = 6

So “Spare Keys” win this week – its always good to have a spare – saves the hassel of a stressful lost car key situation!  Off home now to start the weekend, thanks to all my customers (existing and new) for a great week!  It’s been interesting to document my week, will do it again soon!


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